About the Strip

GatorMelbourne T. Gator (Mel)

is not against change...he just doesn't believe in it! He's an alligator for goodness sake and they haven't changed in 30 million years! He would rather lay in the sun and dream than do just about anything. He is addicted to conch fritters and woe to anyone that tries to eat the last one!


is a pelican and Mel's best friend. Where as Mel is conservative and doesn't like change, Dink is progressive, cutting edge and loves the latest technology. They are the oddest of couples but the best of friends and love to bust on each other. Dinks darkest secret?...he loves 70's disco!

Little GuyLiz

the female voice of the strip...and therefore is the voice of reason amongst the boys' nonsense. Liz wears a scarf because, like every female I have ever known (and I have 3 daughters!)...she is always cold! Loves poetry and literature and rumor has it…she has a “thing” for Mel!


the manatee and jovial owner of Ray's Tiki Bar, the local watering hole where everyone eventually goes. Ray is the eyes and ears of the beach. If something is happening...he knows about it. It is rumored that it is physically impossible for his lips to utter the words, "on the house".


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