Greetings Sunshine State fans,
Are you a big fan of newspaper comics, or do you know somebody who is? Then this might just be the book you’ve been looking for.
There’s a big, new comic book in town called
The New Classics – 21st Century Comic Strips and Sunshine State is a part of it. This book is 148 pages and includes four pages of comic strips from 36 incredible cartoonists (including Sunshine State). That’s over 400 comic strips! The best part is – all proceeds from the sale of this book will go to help promote these wonderful comic strips (including, you guessed it…SUNSHINE STATE) to newspapers across North America.
The book is available now and will ship in time for Christmas. No waiting in long lines at the mall either. To order direct from the printer, please click here:   
Please pass this along to anyone you know who loves comics, and help Sunshine State spread it fun and whimsy all over the world. Well, the newspaper comics world anyway.
With warmest Holiday wishes,

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