I’m back home and decompressing today after a long week on the road. MegaCon was great! I got to meet a lot of awesome fans and was kept busy signing and sketching.
Sunday is usually the slowest of the three days, but not this time. It was at least as busy as Friday! I never did get to walk around and see what was there on the floor. Although I did make an extra effort to get over to Nick Cardy’s table and introduce myself. Nick is now 91(?) and I wanted to be sure to tell him how much his work has meant to me over the years. My first DC comics all had Cardy covers.
I said goodbye to my daughter, Sarah and her friends, Nicole, Veronica and Phil as they headed back to resume their work at SCAD. My buddy Steve picked me up at the convention around 4 and we scooted over beachside to meet up with more of our high school pals. We all turn the big 50 this year and thought it would be fun to hang out in the home town, have some beer and tell some lies. We accomplished our task.
I flew out of Orlando yesterday but earlier in the day, my pal, John (a Navy captain) got us some fishing passes at Cape Canaveral. We were able to scoot around and see some amazing and historical sites in the history of space flight. Check out the pics on the Sunshine State Facebook page.

Sarah and I.

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