Day started off with a nice breakfast buffet with my daughter Sarah. Then it was off to the show because I had a panel on Sunshine State first thing in the morning. Note to self…don’t do a panel as soon as the doors open and at the same time Stan Lee is signing autographs! I had 7 people show up and 4 of them were my daughter and her roommates! Sunshine State fan extraordinaire, Babs Holland and her dad where there as well…thanks for the support Babs! You and your dad were great! Also, thanks to SCAD professor of sequential art, Dove McHargue for dropping in!
Back at the table I had a bunch of sketches to finish up from the day before. I didn’t get up until 5pm to finally use the bathroom. Lots of cool fans came by with comics to sign and sketches to do. Lots of interest in the Sunshine State flyers. New fans…WELCOME!
I forgot to give a special thanks to Richard Cross of FUNNIES EXTRA for stopping by yesterday to drop off a Sunshine State stand up display and some extra flyers! Check out Funnies Extra, gang…this is going to be big!

Finally, this picture could only be called, BANE AND HIS FATHERS!

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