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Haven’t ordered your copy of our awesome book yet? I know, it’s because you as a discerning comic fan, want to have your collection of strips signed. Well, wait no longer! Not only can you get it signed, but you also get a character sketch by Graham Nolan inside the book. Add to that, over […]

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I hope everyone has been enjoying the replay of “The Fight”! That story ended in the papers today. For all of the long time readers that have followed the strip since it started as a web-comic, tomorrow will start all new, never before seen comics! If you can’t wait the two weeks for them to […]

Hi, gang! Some good stuff happening here in the Sunshine State! We’ve picked up 4 new papers in the Maine and New Hampshire area. They are going to do a two week trial run of the strip so if those papers are available in your area, let the editors know that you would like them […]

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